France '98 Diaries

Now that some of us are back from France '98, there are those who have already started to write about their experiences/exploits while supporting our boys in the ultimate tournament. I thouhgt it would be interesting to post them here, and perhaps start a collection of these, and hopefully spur some others on to do the same. Enjoy !

A View of France, by Wade Jackson
[July  2, 1998]  My wife (Susie) and I joined a group of 40 fans headed to France'98, organized by Richard Groff through the internet. It turned out to be a very interesting eclectic group. I had met many members of the group at various Sam's Army gatherings in recent years, and had seen tag lines from the others on NAS. It amazed me that 40 people from around the country, with very dissimilar backgrounds, could come together under the banner of supporting their National Team, and click so well as a group. Truly awesome!     (Continue Diary)   Wade can be emailed at

Trip Report, World Cup '98, by Dan Zirin
[July  8, 1998]  Every trip I take never goes as expected. And my World Cup adventure was no different.     (Continue Diary)   Dan can be emailed at DanZirin@CSN.Net.

One bright spot in British soccer, by Arlene Laing
[June  17, 1998]  If you have never been to a World Cup match, you are missing a wonderful experience. As John (Wright) wrote, the atmosphere at these kinds of events can be electric if the fans are in the right mode and they were for the Jamaica/Croatia match. Too bad we can't say the same for the Reggae Boyz. They forgot how to play basic soccer.     (Continue Diary)   Arlene can be emailed at

World Cup Report, by Sue White
[July  23, 1998]  Here's a late report on the World Cup. My daughters and I went to the US-Iran and US-Yugoslavia games and had a wonderful time. The atmosphere at the Iran game was especially great.     (Continue Diary)   Sue can be emailed at

A World Cup Retrospective, by Jaimie "Backslider" Birk
[Aug  6, 1998]  I finally finished scanning in my pictures from the World Cup... If you're interested in seeing some pictures of the matches I attended (US-Germany, US-Iran, US-Yugoslavia, France-Saudi Arabia, Nigeria-Bulgaria, and Spain-Bulgaria), or of France.. or if you're interested in reading my take on the experience, you can check it out at

There are lots of pictures, and quite a few words to go along with some of them... If you like it, hate it, find errors, or anything like that, just email me... (Aside from telling me that I'm a terrible photographer or need to buy a better camera).