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France Links
Paris Net
Very nice site with tons of information about paris.
Courtesy of Shane Pekny
Alexandre Polozoff's Guide to Paris France
Another Very nice site with tons of information about paris.
Courtesy of Shane Pekny
Alta Vista Translation Service
This site allows you to type in any word/words/phrase and translate it into a number of languages. Could be useful (and fun) for those not fluent in French. Many/most people (depending on the area) are pretty good with English, especially if they want you to spend money with them for some reason (merchants, banks, transportation, etc.)
Courtesy of Tim Walsh
Not thinking that you might all want to do "tourist" things between soccer matches and shopping or eating, here's a few sites to look at before you go to Paris:

City Net, general info with many links to things and places in Paris including maps, restuarants, Metro & train info, etc. and a calendar of current events -

LeGourmet, a guide to restuarants by neighborhood (Eiffel, Champs-Elysees, etc.) -

WebMuseum, a guide to tours (guided or on your own) and major sites in Paris -

Guide to the Metro - general info + route planning, maps, etc. -

Courtesy of Tim Walsh
English to French soccer terms glossary
can be found by going to, then choosing "curiosities", and then choosing item 12 on the resulting list.
Courtesy of R. "Kap" Kaplowitz
Here's a link to a list of "Anglophone" bars in Paris... Some of the places sound like they'd be pretty good for hanging out pre/post matches...I got it from going through Excite at
Courtesy of Mark O'Hare
Here are some links to seating charts that I found for the USA matches.
(go to Billetterie, then Le plan du stade)
Courtesy of Mark O'Hare

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