Tips for France, By Lynn Reese

Lynn Reese originally wrote me saying: I will be arriving in France the morning of the USA Yugoslavia game (the 25th) and would be interested in meeting up with other Sammers/USA fans. I will also be at the Toulouse match, as well as several other Round of 16 matches before returning to Paris for the summer.

I don't know what your plans are for the web site, but I this is my second summer studying in Paris, so I know the city quite well. If you want any advice, or tips about Paris (or France in general), let me know.

A bientot,

Lynn Reese

Lynn has posted so many good sets of tips, I thought it would be nice to give them their own home, and make it easier for folks to get to them for reference. This will save you from scavanging through the message board as well. Lynn, thank you very much for sharing this with us, and please keep the tips coming !

General Travel Tips for Visitors   (Read Article)
[May  25, 1998] I have been sturding in Paris for the last two summers, and a couple of people have asked me to post some general tips about Paris. For those of you who are interrested, here are my experiences. I know others will have differing thoughts, but I figure this is a start. If you have any questions, post them here, and I will try to review them daily -- In the meantime, see you in France!

Add'l Tips for France (Restaurants & Excursions)   (Read Article)
[May  27, 1998] I received a couple of questions about places to eat in Paris and places to go in France. I hope this helps everyone a little.

Quickest route from Airport to Parc des Princes   (Read Article)
[June  5, 1998] In response to a post for directions.

Very Easy French   (Read Article)
[June  5, 1998] For those of you who have never been to France before, and don't know a word of french, here's some very easy ways to get you buy (my apologies to linguists and those fluent in french, but these are simple suggestions and pronounciations):

Paris Tips (your guidebook may not tell you)   (Read Article)
[June  9, 1998] Here are some tips that relate specifically to Paris. Since there is so much one can say about Paris, I'm trying to minimize it by pointing out things specific to our group, to Americans, or simply small items that tend to be missed in guidebooks.