France '98 Pictures

We now have some nice pictures from France '98 to show off. If you have others you would like posted, email them to me in gif or jpg format , including a description/header for each photo, and I will gladly get them posted here. I can be emailed at
Enjoy !

A Pictoral View of France, courtesy of Wade Jackson

"Hanging out with Sam's Army at France '98 - USA / Germany"   (view photo)
"Germany packs the box"   (view photo)
"Groffs Brigade shifts into high speed"   (view photo)
"USA / Germany    one-on-three?"   (view photo)
"Photo Corp shoed up in force for USA / Germany"   (view photo)
"What else can we say?"   (view photo)

Sam's Army WC98 Photos, courtesy of Kevin Dempsey

"Guard the post!" (US vs Yugo)   (view photo)
"Sammers of the Beaujoire"   (view photo)
"Sam's Army cheers the US on"   (view photo)